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Specialising in Underpinning and repairs to foundations

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Member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria

Over 30 Years experience

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How is your greatest asset?  Your House!  Any cracks? Want some free advice?
Then Call Norman Charles for a free quote. We travel to all suburbs throughout victoria.

All permits and engineers drawings and soil tests arranged by us.

We have the experience and qualifications to assess why it has happened and how to fix it and guarantee it to last.

Repaired by Underpinning
That’s our game
It’s instant and guaranteed.

Your home is your greatest asset, maintain it now!
Have you ever heard of the saying: “A stitch in time saves nine”?
In other words, it means if you have a small tear in a garment, fix it now before it turns into a major repair job! Therefore one stitch now will save you 9 stitches later on.

We are saying, if your greatest asset is shifting, fix it now!

Lifting and Levelling
Your satisfaction is guaranteed by competent, courteous tradesmen.
Gardens restored
Mortar and Bricks matched with existing colours.
Concrete paving also done.

We have successfully Underpinned and repaired 3000 buildings since the severe drought ending in 1983

No job is too big or too small

That’s all I do, I fix cracked brick walls!

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Norman Charles is a qualified Bricklayer (40) years.

When we underpin, the strong concrete used enables us to repair the cracked brick walls immediately with no fear of any more damage happening.

The brickwork is acid cleaned and the garden beds and shrubs replanted. New bricks and mortar colour are matched so you don’t even know we have been!

We are recognised as Number 1 in Melbourne. We specialise in underpinning.

We pass on our restumping problems to our competent and trustworthy friends George and Jim of Lamtsi Reblocking.

We don’t use unnecessary heavy machinery. We use electric jack hammers and a wheelbarrow and keep the work area clear and neat.

The excess soil is taken away in a skip and deposited elsewhere.

Give us a call today
Ph (03) 9754 8499 or Mobile 0408 538 719

Underpinner and bricklayer Norman Charles said cracking walls were usually the first sign that a house had dropped.“It could be
from 10 millimetres to 100 millimetres - sometimes people are not aware of the internal damage to their house when it
drops,” Mr Charles said. “A lot of people get underpinnig and reblocking mixed up because they are often advertised in the same
category. The difference is we have a 20 tonne jack where reblockers only have a 10 tonne jack and we use concrete not foam and
mend the brick work after we have finished estabalising the foundations of the house,” he said.
At 80, Mr Charles said he was “as fit as anything,” thanks to his time as a long distance runner and healthy lifestyle.
“I’m a health nut, I’m also a vegetarian - for lunch I have a tomato, a carrot and a can of fish.”
Mr Charles is not keen to hang up his jack any time soon. He reckons he has at least four years work left in him. “We make a lot of
people happy with what we do,” he smiled. “It is important to be happy in your work, and stay positive.”